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Coronavirus – Ethiopia: Notification Note on COVID-19 Situational Update – 26 May 2020

Download logoThe total laboratory tests conducted within 24 hours are 3,410: of these forty-six (46) of them are confirmed positive for COVID-19 and the total confirmed cases as of today are Seven-Hundred-One (701). Among the confirmed cases, 29 of them are male and 17 are female and their age ranges from 12 to 79 years. Forty-five of them Ethiopians and one person Israeli citizen. Among the cases thirteen (13) of them are identified from Addis Ababa (four have known contact with a confirmed cas

Coronavirus – Africa: A Human Rights Checklist

Human Rights Watch is committed to reporting on the human rights dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our research has identified 40 questions to guide a rights-respecting response to this crisis that addresses the needs of groups most at risk, including people living in poverty, ethnic and religious minorities, women, people with disabilities, older people, LGBT people, migrants, refugees, and children. We have also identified a l

Coronavirus – Middle East/North Africa: UNHCR MENA COVID-19 Emergency Response Update

Download logoAlgeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Western Sahara, Yemen, and Turkey Key Figures 19 out of 20 UNHCR countries / operations are reporting COVID-19 cases in the region 16 million 2020 planning figure for people of concern in the Middle East and North Africa 0 COVID-19 cases reported among POCs in MENA Regional Developments Operational Context The COVID-19

United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee publishes findings on Central African Republic, Portugal, Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Dominica

Download logoThe UN Human Rights Committee has published its findings on the civil and political rights record of Central African Republic, Portugal, Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Dominica which it reviewed during its latest session. Although the session, which was due to end on 27 March, was suspended in mid-March because of the outbreak of COVID-19, the Committee members continued their tasks, including the adoption of concluding observations of the above-mentioned countries, through distance wor

Coronavirus – Ethiopia: Notification note on additional COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

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After the first case was confirmed on March 12, 2020, four additional COVID-19 cases have been confirmed, making the total cases sixteen (16). Detail information of the confirmed cases are:

Patient 1: A 72 years old Male Mauritian who resides in Addis Ababa and a travel history from Brazzaville, Congo on March 14, 2020. The patient went to the health facility on March 22, 2020, when he felt the symptoms of COVID-19 and the health facility reported to the

Africa – Outbreak Brief #10: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic

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Outbreak Update: Globally, a total of 333,393 coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) confirmed cases1, and 14,508 (CFR 4%) related deaths have been reported to date. Since the last brief (17 March 2020), 165,803 new COVID-19 cases and 7,900 new deaths have been reported globally. Thirty-five new countries and territories, including 13 African countries, are reporting cases2, and 40 new countries, including nine African countries, are reporting deaths3 for the first time. The di

Israel Vows to Foster Bilateral Ties with Tanzania

Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has seconded the government's move to relocate its base to Dodoma, with the Middle Eastern nation pledging to support development projects in the newly-designated capital city.

Israel Deputy Ambassador, Mr. Eyal David made the statement ahead of an event to inaugurate a state-of-the-art I

Secretary Michael R. Pompeo’s Call with Chairman of Sudan Sovereign Council General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan

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The below is attributable to Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus:‎

Secretary Michael R. Pompeo spoke with the Chairman of Sudan’s Sovereign Council G