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#SAElections2019: Why SA is not ready for electronic voting?

With 9.8 million eligible voters not registering to vote, is it time for the Electoral Commission of South Africa to take votes electronic? This is what Janet Love, Commissioner at the Electoral Commission had to say on the matter.

IEC on election readiness

The Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa held a press briefing this morning with the CEO of the IEC Sy Mamabolo to discuss the readiness of the IEC to conduct the national elections due to take place on the 8th of May. The IEC has claimed their readiness for the sixth elections to take place since the dawn of democracy. IEC Commissioner, Janet Love joins CNBC Africa for more.

The IEC on free and fair elections

CNBC Africa's Monique Vanek sat down with the IEC Commissioner, Janet Love to find out what processes are in place to ensure these elections are free and fair and why it has not yet introduced an electronic voting system.