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These are the JSE listed stocks to short over COVID-19

The rand remains weak against the dollar after ratings agency Moody’s cut its forecast for South Africa’s economic growth, raising fear through the markets that we are due for a downgrade. The Moody’s report also cited a decrease in its growth forecast for China to 5.2 per cent as the coronavirus takes a knock on global growth expectations. Moody’s has noted the Covid-19 impact on Chinese markets but how JSE listed companies exposed to Chinese markets reacting to the epidemic, joining CNBC Africa is Jean Pierre Verster, CEO at Protea Capital Management.

Top investor who outperformed almost all markets gives his picks for 2019

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange performed dismally in 2018, with negative returns of almost 27 percent. Despite this, some fund managers were able to realise value for their clients. One such company is Fairtree Investment Managers. For more CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi spoke to Jean Pierre Verster, Portfolio Manager at Fairtree.

Why I won’t be buying Steinhoff but I’ll buy Star – JP Verster

Why I won’t be buying Steinhoff but I’ will buy Star – JP Verster