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World Bank President Kim’s advice to Africa to grow its economies, respond to trade wars  

“They have to get their house in order, they have to manage their economies better” says Kim about how Africa countries can guard themselves against further economic damage.

In conversation with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim sits down with CNBC Africa’s Head of Programming Chris Bishop to discuss his vision for Africa, its human capital and growth.

Is the World Bank missing the point about global poverty?

World Bank poverty estimates have come in for a lot of criticism.

What the World Bank’s shift from public to private funding means for development

The bank has taken a new direction which, its critics say, means that it has given up on making economies work for the poor.

Op-Ed: Why the World Bank’s efforts to marshal private capital won’t reduce poverty

The planned reinvention of the World Bank may be a mea culpa of sort from the multilateral funding institution. But it is still a bearer of bad news for poor African countries. The World...