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South Africa’s telecoms company Telkom could cut 3,000 jobs -letter to unions

Like other African telecoms firms, Telkom, in which the government holds a stake of about 40%, is trying to keep pace with a surge in demand for the internet and data with growing smart phone usage.

Artificial Intelligence: What opportunities and challenges does it bring to East Africa?

The past couple of years has seen many exciting initiatives relating to Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and the overall Smart City movement develop. Concerns on issues such as job losses, security and ability to surpass human intelligence have been vocalized. Liliosa Muturi, Impact Manager at Samasource Kenya joins CNBC Africa for an understanding the impacts and potential of Artificial Intelligence in East Africa.

More job losses loom at SA’s Group Five firm as company posts year loss of $90.76 million

Group Five cut jobs last year when it began the restructuring process.

Oil firms sack 3,000 workers, Nigerian union asks government to step in

Oil firms operating in Nigeria have sacked about 3,000 workers. Labour union asks government to file a protest with foreign oil operators.

OPINION: Sugar tax may eat into the economy

KPMG conducted analysis of the potential implications of a sugar tax on GDP, employment, tax revenue and poverty alleviation.

Zimbabwe abolishes 8,000 jobs in agriculture ministry to cut wages

President Robert Mugabe's administration struggles to pay public service wages.