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What reforms are needed for the WTO?

Yesterday afternoon at least two of the African candidates for the top job at the World Trade Organization went in for their interviews before delegates at its headquarters in Geneva in Switzerland. Kenyan government minister Amina Mohamed and former Nigerian finance Ngozi Okonjo Iweala 15 minutes each to put forward their case for the job. Then each was grilled for 75 minutes by delegates about their vision for the future of world trade. John Stremlau, Honorary Professor of International Relations joins CNBC Africa for more.

Trump’s impeachment goes to a vote, how will this impact the 2020 presidential elections?

The United States House of Representatives will be voting on President Trump’s impeachment today. This is only the third time in US political history that a sitting president has undergone impeachment proceedings. Joining CNBC Africa to discuss what this means is Brooks Spector, former US diplomat and Associate Editor at Daily Maverick and Professor John Stremlau, International Relations Professor at Wits University.