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Congo justice minister resigns after judicial reform dispute

KINSHASA (Reuters) - The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Justice Minister Celestin Tunda tendered his resignation on Saturday in the wake of a dispute with the president over proposed laws that...

South African court grounds Gupta jet in case brought by Canadian credit agency

South Africa’s High Court ruled on Monday that a luxury jet leased by the Gupta family, friends of ousted president Jacob Zuma, should be grounded after the Canadian credit agency that financed...

Op-Ed: How to stop the scales of justice loaded against women and girls in Africa

International and national laws broadly recognise equal rights for all. These include the right to fair and equitable access to justice. But justice for women and girls before the courts remains elusive in many African...

BRICS bank is offering more of the same rather than breaking the mould

The new bank is already proving to be a replication of the Bretton Woods institutions. This can be seen through the partnerships the new bank is forming as well as its operating posture.

Lack of cash and computers frustrates Gambians’ hunt for justice

Since then a new government has come to power, promising swift redress for alleged crimes committed during the 22-year rule of ex-president Yahya Jammeh, and nine intelligence officers are now on trial for the murder.

South Africa: Revocation of withdrawal from the ICC a chance to rethink thwarting pursuit of justice

"It remains to be seen if this revocation means a shift in Government’s intention to withdraw from the ICC or rather a temporary step to comply with the High Court decision and exhaust domestic procedures before formalising its withdrawal."

Gambians seek justice for the disappeared

Rights groups say Manneh is one of dozens of Gambians who disappeared without trace during the 22-year rule of president Yahya Jammeh.