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Caught flouting curfew in bar, Kenyan official quits COVID committee

Kenya began easing its lockdown earlier this month, but kept the curfew in place as well as a prohibition on bars. There have been a string of arrests for people drinking illegally.

Kenya is in talks with World Bank for $1 billion loan

The East African nation is in advanced talks with the World Bank for “a fairly priced” loan of up to 100 billion shillings ($991.57 million), nearly half of its required external funding this fiscal year, a senior Treasury official said on Friday.

Kenya seeks 150 billion shilling syndicated loan, what you need to know about

Kenya has sent out invitations to international commercial banks to subscribe to a syndicated loan worth up to 150 billion shillings ($1.45 billion).

The biggest wind farm in Africa is officially up and running in this East African nation

Africa’s largest wind farm has been officially inaugurated. The 310-megawatt (MW) facility was opened by President...

Kenya’s president Kenyatta renews central bank governor’s term, what you should know…

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has renewed Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge’s term.

Kenya’s president Kenyatta forecasts 6.3 % economic growth in 2019, what you need to know

The East African country expects an improved 6.3 % in 2019 and also plans to boost output.

Kenyan president pledges to fight climate change through tree planting

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged his country will cover more of its land with trees in a bid to fight climate change. Even though Africa makes a mere 4 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gasses it is estimated that 65 per cent of Africans will suffer from climate change. Kenyatta believes it’s time for action. President Kenyatta was speaking at the One Planet Summit in Nairobi.

Why Kenya’s president is planning to cut fuel tax by half

Some critics of the fuel tax welcomed his proposal.