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COVID-19: Kobo360’s Obi Ozor on how the Lagos shutdown will impact businesses

How will the seven-day partial shutdown announced by Lagos state impact businesses? Obi Ozor, Co-Founder of Kobo360 joins CNBC Africa's Kenneth Igbomor for more.

Nigeria’s closed borders: Who wins?

Despite a continuous spike in inflation and complaints of revenue losses by businesses, Nigeria's borders will remain closed until January 2020. CNBC Africa’s Samuel Onalaru has more on this story.

Kobo360 CEO Obi Ozor on how border restrictions are impacting Nigeria’s freight industry

Freight Logistics start-up, Kobo360 says the partial closure of Nigeria's land borders has significantly impacted their business and has seen customer demand decline by 28 per cent. Co-founder and CEO of Kobo360, Obi Ozor joins CNBC Africa.

The Uber of freight services, Kobo360 launches in East Africa

Reverting back to Kobo360 during the Africa CEO Forum back in May, Co-founder and winner of the event's 'Disrupter of the Year' award, Ife Oyedele spoke to CNBC Africa. During that discussion when asked where next, he mentioned Kenya was in his sights, and now, only 5 months later, the company has officially launched in the East African country. Africa Region CEO, Kagure Wamunyu joins CNBC Africa for more.

Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 raises $30mn funding. This is how it plans to use the money

Nigerian logistics company Kobo360 has raised a 20 million dollar Series A round led by Goldman Sachs and 10 million dollars in working capital financing from Nigerian commercial banks. To discuss this and the challenges of running a logistics company in Nigeria, Co-Founder of Kobo360, Obi Ozor joins CNBC Africa for more.

Kobo 360 plans to expand into Kenya and Ghana

Nigerian logistics platform, Kobo360, has been compared to Uber. The tech start up already works with business giants like Dangote and Unilever just to name a few, is now setting their sights on expanding into Kenya and Ghana; for more CNBC Africa spoke to Ife Oyedele, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Kobo360.