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Kora Coaching Group CEO on how to maintain mental health in a time of crisis

We hear it all the time that we’re living in unprecedented times with the current global pandemic affecting our safety, economy and in many ways, our mental health. But as this year has shown us, business must still operate and money must still be made, CNBC Africa spoke with the CEO of Kora Coaching Group, Mireille Karera on how to maintain mental fitness in the workplace.

KORA Founder on embracing e-MICE during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and is forcing us to adopt new ways of doing things and these include doing meetings and conferences electronically. Mireille Ineza Karera, Founder of KORA Coaching Group explains why it is important to make use of available platform in this period.

Tips that will help you make better financial decisions

Most corporate institutions have been resuming work for the better part of this week, especially for those that didn’t do so last week and for many, this is a time for setting those goals and aligning those New Year resolutions. Mireille Ineza Karera, group CEO and coach at KORA Coaching Group joins us live to share insights on how to start off the year right.

Understanding the impact of mentoring on Africa’s economic growth

The UK will tomorrow celebrate national mentoring day which aims to recognise and celebrate the benefits of mentoring. To understand the impact mentoring would have on Africa’s economic growth, CNBC Africa is joined by Ineza Mireiile Karera, CEO of Kora Coaching Group.