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Kgalema Monthlante on how to best implement land reform

This week, both legislative houses adopted the constitutional review committee's proposal of Land Expropriation without compensation. But how far is the current path? From the recommendations made by the high level panel on land, led by the former President Kgalema Monthlante.

SA land reform policy caused decline in confidence – report

Declared the Word of the Year by the Pan South African Language Board, land expropriation without compensation, created a shock-wave through local and global economic sentiment. Dr Roelof Botha, an independent economist, decided to project exactly how much it would cost to the economy. He joins CNBC Africa for more.

President Ramaphosa on addressing historical inequality

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa addressed international media outlining the country’s position on land expropriation without compensation and historical inequality.

Land debate in South Africa is about dignity and equality – not the constitution

Steven Friedman|University of Johannesburg If you want economic change in South Africa, create a crisis – then stand by to negotiate a way out of it. The country’s current debate over land expropriation without...