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South Africa may stop lenders blacklisting borrowers during pandemic

The Department of Trade (DTI) document said it was considering banning blacklisting and ordering the removal of any adverse information on consumers’ profiles, until Sept. 30 or when a national state of disaster ends, whichever comes first.

Fintech innovations offer alternative to credit traps

South Africans are desperate for innovative payment solutions that don’t involve credit traps. what is available for online shoppers and is there a way to avoid credit in all its disguises entirely?

IMF approves $224.8 mln in extra credit for Ivory Coast

The International Monetary Fund's Executive Board approved $224.8 million in additional credit for Ivory Coast.

Nigeria overnight rate falls sharply as liquidity crunch eases

Nigeria's overnight lending rate dropped to 26 percent.

S.Africa's cbank governor says bar set high for future rate cuts

The bank sees consumer inflation, currently at 6.1 percent.