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How the COVID-19 pandemic poses an economic, security threat in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted world markets heavily, but the African economic impact has been one of much curiosity as African markets are the most vulnerable to supply trading halts and economic disruptions. Joining me to unpack the severe knock-on effects for the African public sector is Andrew Jones the Head of the Africa Group at Linklaters.

In the past decade Africa received $162.6bn by overseas investors. These are the countries & sectors that attracted most of that investment

Following the close of the Africa-UK summit this week, in the past decade the U.S has been the biggest investor in Africa with deals worth $32.4 billion followed by the U.K with deals amounting to $27.4 billion. Joining CNBC Africa to discuss which countries and sectors has attracted these investors is Andrew Jones, Energy & Infrastructure Partner and Head of the Africa Group at Linklaters.