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Kenyan nationals return back home amid COVID-19 crisis

The past week in Kenya has seen almost 500 Kenyan nationals flown home at the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, another headline making news is new direct Standard Gauge Railway Cargo Freight line that has been launched from Mombasa to Naivasha in order to boost the movement of goods and prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Earlier I spoke to Journalist, Joseph Bonyo on these developments.

Japan pledges $860mn in development aid for Kenya

Earlier this week, Japan will give Kenya nearly $860 million in concessional loans and grants for the construction of a bridge in Mombasa and other infrastructure projects to support an economic zone there. Economic Analyst Odhiambo Ramogi joins CNBC Africa for more.

What next for abandoned Chinese-backed railways in Kenya?

Back in 2013 the idea of the high-speed Standard Gauge Railway was born. The promising concept of a 1,500km long railway connecting Mombasa, to Kampala and Kigali with additional branch routes, was inspired, and the intention was to lower transport costs, further facilitate cross border trade and increase the region's competitiveness. But now, six years later, as we focus on what would be the biggest bloc in Africa, the AfCFTA, it's hard to ignore that this ambitious project has unfortunately stalled. Victor Otieno, Analyst and SME Consultant joins CNBC Africa for more.

Tracking progress on Rwanda’s SGR railway project

Rwanda recently hosted the Ministerial Meeting on Northern Corridor Integration projects with focus on the Standard Gauge Railway. With various challenges chiefly financial, the region is having difficulty meeting forecast completion dates of the 1,500km-long railway from Mombasa to Kigali. For more CNBC Africa’s Steven Muvunyi filed this report.

An in-depth look into child prostitution in Kenya

One in three girls aged between 12 and 18 in Kenya’s coastal area is engaged in casual sex work.

Legitimacy of Kenya’s election re-run questioned

Legitimacy of Kenya’s election re-run questioned

Kenyan port identified as top entry point for counterfeit medicines

Kenyan port identified as top entry point for counterfeit medicines