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How Ghana is leveraging its home-grown talent to expand its entertainment industry

The African entertainment scene is getting more global recognition from movies, art and music. Ghana is latching on to its year of return initiative to drive growth for the economy. Ruddy Kwakye, Founder and CEO of The Rave Group joins CNBC Africa to discuss what the future holds for Ghana's entertainment industry.

Understanding the challenges in Rwanda’s movie industry

From Hollywood to hilly wood, the uptake of Rwandan movies has been on the rise but despite this, it has not been reflected in the quality of movies. To shed more light on this, filmmaker, Richard Mugwaneza joins CNBC Africa for more.

Seun Kuti opens up on Nigeria’s music scene

Seun Kuti opens up on Nigeria's music scene

Political activism steals the spotlight at the Oscars

The ceremony this year was considerably more diverse than the last two years, when no actors of color garnered any nominations.