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Unpacking Uganda’s 3rd National Development Plan

In Uganda, the 3rd National Development Plan was tabled before Parliament in January 2020 by the Minister of State for Planning, a move that was supposed to inform the processing and approval of the budgets for the next five years starting with 2020/2021 financial year. Analyst, Charles Bwogi joins CNBC Africa for more.

Uganda’s NDP still on its quest to achieve Vision 2040

Uganda’s National Development Plan 2 is the second in a series of six 5-year Plans aimed at achieving Vision 2040. So far over $38.7 million has already been allocated towards its realization against a set target of $30.6 billion. To understand how the money is spent and how the government can build on the momentum, David Walakira, Policy Analyst & Development Economist joins CNBC Africa for more.

Uganda’s National Development Plan: Here’s what worked well & what didn’t

Uganda’s National Development Plan is the second in a series of six 5-year plans aimed at achieving Vision 2040. The goal of this plan is to propel the country into middle income status by 2020 with a per capita income of USD1,033. To help understand how this will be realized is David Walakira, Policy Analyst and Development Economist joins CNBC Africa for more.

Togo’s plan for economic transformation

According to Kanka-Malik Natchaba, the Head of Togo's Presidential Delivery Unit, Togo's National Development Plan will bring economic transformation through industrialisation, value addition and social inclusion. CNBC Africa's Christy Cole caught up with him on the side-lines of the Togo-EU Economic forum for a progress report on the National Development Plan.

Togo aims to become a regional economic hub

Speaking on the purpose of the National Development Plan of Togo, the country’s Prime Minister, Komi Selom Klassou says the NDP will make Togo a hub of logistical excellence and a leading business centre in the sub region. He discussed this and more with CNBC Africa’s Frederic Vandevyver.

Why the World Bank is viewing SA differently

The latest World Bank report on South Africa is not only remarkable for the collaborative method it employed, but also for some of the conclusions it reached on issues like land redistribution. What's changed?

How to resuscitate South Africa’s National Development Plan

Steven Friedman | University of Johannesburg Something is surely wrong when many influential people endorse or reject a document none of them have read. The document is South Africa’s National Development Plan, which was adopted...

Jeff Radebe talks NDP, presidential ambitions

Jeff Radebe talks NDP, presidential ambitions