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Discovery feels the pain of NHI

Joining CNBC Africa to discuss the mix of global and local market news is Michael Treherne, Portfolio Manager at Vestact.

Minister Mkhize on how to strengthen the NHI implementation process

A report on Public Health Strengthening was launched by the South African Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize, in Johannesburg today. The report outlines the findings of research into the effectiveness of the National Health Insurance pilot campaign, and makes recommendations for the next phase of development. Minister Mkhize spoke to CNBC Africa’s Jill de Villiers.

Watchdog finds that South Africans are paying too much for private healthcare, here’s why…

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africans are paying too much for private healthcare, the country’s antitrust watchdog said on Thursday, adding patients are sometimes prescribed treatments they don’t need by an industry with...

Op-Ed: S.A’s public and private sector healthcare woes can be blamed on government

South Africa's NHI White Paper cites a number of public and private sector failures are reasons to implement NHI. But who is responsible for these failures?

Op-Ed: S.A’s NHI – Is it necessary or appropriate for government to provide “free healthcare for all”?

Directly or indirectly, the government would control the availability, financing, and delivery of healthcare — the choice would no longer be ours to make.

OPINION: Will mismanagement scupper S.A's National Health Insurance?

Professional management in the public health sector is a key factor if the implementation of a NHI is to stand any chance of success.

OPINION: Health Act does not adhere to the rule of law

The National Health Act is also holding South Africa back in terms of medical and healthcare development.