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Kenya bans sugar imports to protect domestic industries

In a move by the Kenyan Government to boost the agriculture sector and curb influx of cheap sweetener in the domestic market, the country has banned sugar imports with immediate effect and suspended trading licences. Nick Kwolek, Founder of KwolCo joins CNBC Africa for more.

Second wave of locusts threatens food security in East Africa

Kenya is facing the worst desert locust invasion in 70 years that has affected the already vulnerable northern region of the country. In May, the World Bank Board of Directors approved a $43 million International Development Assistance credit for Kenya as part of a larger regional Emergency Locust Response Project to respond to the threat posed by the desert locust outbreak and to strengthen Kenya’s system for preparedness. Nick Kwolek, Founder of KwolCo joins CNBC Africa for more.

KwolCo’s outlook for East Africa’s commodity markets

In Kenya, the treasury had granted millers permission to import maize at a lower tariff but declined to extend the duration as requested by millers on fears the imports would coincide with the harvesting of short-rain crop from south rift, impacting negatively on local prices. However, millers say they will not be importing maize and warn Kenyans should brace for higher prices of flour in the coming days on the account of expensive raw material. Nick Kwolek, Founder of KwolCo joins CNBC Africa more.

East Africa braces for more locust infestation amid COVID-19 pandemic

Experts have warned that a second wave of desert locusts, 20 times bigger than the first one, will soon ravage farms in East Africa. According to estimates from scientists, the new swarms expected to hatch in May will be 400 times bigger by June if successive generations are not eliminated. Nick Kwolek, Founder of KwolCo joins CNBC Africa for more.

Locust swarms threaten food security in East Africa

Countries in the East African region including Kenya are being ravaged by the biggest locust invasion in decades, posing a major threat to food security. CNBC Africa spoke to Founder of KwolCo, Nick Kwolek to learn more about this disaster.

How climate change threatens food security & quality in East Africa

As the dry weather returns in South Sudan, there are hopes to the fragile food security situation that worsened following heavy floods. In Kenya, maize prices remain very firm as the wet weather continues to slow the harvesting period down. In Rwanda, prices are down on sugar due to an over import and a shortage of dollars. Founder of KwolCo, Nick Kwolek joins CNBC Africa for an analysis on this.

East Africa sugar market outlook

In the region, Uganda blocked a request to export excess sugar cane from outgrowers in Busoga region to Kenya. Moreover, Sugar and edible oil originating from Uganda remain locked out of the Tanzanian market. Nick Kwolek, Founder of KwolCo joins CNBC Africa for more.

East Africa maize supply and market outlook

Maize is the number one staple food in the region, and its consumption grows simultaneously with the population figures. In Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda the production in 2018 was 11.2 million tonnes against consumption requirements of 11.36 million tonnes. Nick Kwolek, Founder, KwolCo joins CNBC Africa for more.