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UK general elections: What Boris Johnson’s victory means for Brexit

CNBC reporter Julianna Tatelbaum breaks down the aftermath of the UK general elections which Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party secured a thumping victory.

The Tories have it – Boris Johnson returns to power with a stronger Brexit mandate

The election is won and the Brexit deal is done. Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won a thumping victory in Britain’s general election – the biggest since the days of Margaret Thatcher – to give him the parliamentary muscle to push through Brexit by January 31st. It is the end of the road for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who will step down. The exit from one of the world’s largest trading blocs is likely to have implications for many African nations.

This is what’s at stake as Britain heads to the polls

Millions of Britons went to the polls in the last few hours as the country decides who will lead it in an election that could prove the last word in the Brexit saga. The Conservative incumbent Boris Johnson is expected to win and lead Britain out of the European Union by the end of January. But there could be complications. Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party could split the leave vote in favour of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Alex de Ruyter, Director of Centre for Brexit Studies, Birmingham City University joins CNBC Africa for more.