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I&M Bank, SPENN launch new savings product

The 2020 Finscope Survey on Financial Inclusion published by the Access to Finance Rwanda found that savings are a leading driver of financial inclusion in Rwanda.

COVID-19: How the pandemic has positively impacted cryptocurrency acceptance in Africa

Has the coronavirus pandemic giving cryptocurrencies an opportunity to make that big acceptance leap? Or is it a wasted opportunity? CNBC Africa spoke to the Country Manager of Spenn and President Rwanda Block Chain Association, Norbert Haguma for more.

How COVID-19 is reshaping the crypto industry

As we approach the fourth industrial revolution, Blockchain has been identified to have the potential to disrupt existing economic and business models. Despite this, unexpected patterns among the cryptocurrency traders have been sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Norbert Haguma, CEO AfricaGen spoke to CNBC Africa on how the pandemic is reshaping the crypto industry.

The potential of Blockchain technology in Rwanda

With the ever growing hunger for more efficient technologies, understanding Blockchain has been sighted as a key component for the Forth Industrial Revolution, it's this that led to the formation of the first ever Rwanda Blockchain Community and CNBC Africa is joined by its Chairman Norbert Haguma.