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Why we need African leadership to end the threat of nuclear weapons

Beatrice Fihn , Executive Director of ICAN, and the winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize discusses why Africa is key to ending the threat of the nuclear weapons.

Why nuclear power for African countries doesn’t make sense

Over the last few years reports have surfaced of a range of African countries planning nuclear power plants.

Why SA shouldn’t be too quick to drop nuclear from its energy mix – experts

“Right now South Africa appears to have sufficient electricity, but that is rather false impression" argues

South Africa’s Eskom cannot commit to nuclear expansion: acting CFO

South Africa’s power utility Eskom cannot afford a nuclear power station expansion, acting Eskom chief financial officer Calib Cassim said on Tuesday during the release of its financial results. South Africa’s government has...

Op-Ed: Zuma’s allies are once again gung-ho about nuclear. Will they get their way?

Keith Gottschalk | University of the Western Cape   South Africa’s nuclear build programme seems to be back on the agenda after earlier indications that it was dead. Recent comments by President Jacob Zuma and...

SA’s nuclear future

SA's nuclear future

Moammar Gadhafi may explain Kim Jong Un’s nuclear ambitions

North Korean leader Kim's refusal to disarm may be due to memories of the downfall of Libyan dictator Gadhafi

South Africa committed to nuclear power expansion, process to be open: Zuma

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - South Africa is committed to an "open, transparent" process to build new nuclear power plants and the government planned to go through with its plans for nuclear expansion,...