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S.Africa aims to choose company for nuclear project by year-end

Russian energy group Rosatom is a contender for South Africa's nuclear expansion project and the country will award the contract by the end of the year.

White House 2018 budget proposal is out, and it slashes the social safety net

The budget would cut $1.7 trillion in spending over 10 years.

S.A government may appeal court ruling on Russia nuclear pact

South Africa's government may appeal last week's court judgment declaring a cooperation pact with Russia's state-owned nuclear company Rosatom unlawful, the energy minister said on Tuesday. South Africa and Russia signed an Intergovernmental...

S.A court rules nuclear plan unlawful, must be set aside

The minister's decision on or about 10 June 2015 to table the Russian IGA before parliament... is unconstitutional and unlawful and it is reviewed and set aside.

Denuclearization a pipe dream? UN holds talks to ban nukes, but major powers don’t show up

Some of the world's biggest economies won't attend high-level negotiations aimed at banning nuclear weapons — an indicator that global denuclearization remains a distant dream. The United Nations (UN) kicks off a five-day...

S.Africa's Eskom to invite bidders for nuclear power fleet this week

Said on the sidelines of a court case in Cape Town.

French utility to take part in tender for S.A nuclear

South Africa wants to build 9.6 gigawatts of nuclear power capacity by 2030.

Nuclear energy not for South Africa – report

the price tag of up to 1 trillion rand ($74 billion) for 9.6 gigawatts of nuclear power has raised concerns.