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COVID-19: Why nutrition should be part of Africa’s response to the pandemic

Continental nutrition advocates have called upon African Heads of State and Governments to ensure that financing for nutrition is included in their country's COVID-19 response and recovery plans.

How farmers can reduce food losses in Africa: Lessons on food security and nutrition

According to the Africa Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition (AROFSN), hunger on the continent continues to rise after many years of decline. Meanwhile, it’s estimated that currently, more than 40 per cent of fruits and vegetables in developing regions spoil before they can be consumed. To share insights into how to reduce food losses, Betty Kibaara, Director at Rockefeller Foundation joins CNBC Africa for more.

Op-Ed: Progress in pest prevention offers hope for Africa’s food security

Food and nutrition insecurity is a chronic problem for Africa. Despite decades of humanitarian and development efforts, one in five Africans remain undernourished and a third of Africa’s children are stunted.

Business of healthy living in Nigeria

Business of healthy living in Nigeria

For Ugandan children, hunger and HIV make a deadly mix

By Yasin Kakande Thomson Reuters Foundation Seven-year-old Esther Agutti weighs 7 kilos - a third of the weight of the average child her age. She has been in hospital in Katakwi, eastern Uganda, for three...

Full tummy fund for S.A's disadvantaged children

A stimulating environment and a full tummy are crucial during the early years of a child's life.

Chilli of Soweto gets international recognition

“The slow food industry needs more attention and recognition. It can create long lasting employment.”