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How Springfield oil discovery will impact Ghana’s output

Independent exploration and production firm, Springfield Group made a deepwater discovery offshore Ghana with proven reserves of about 1.2 billion barrels of oil. Kevin Okyere, Founder and CEO of Springfield Group joins CNBC Africa from Accra for more.

Local vs offshore: Why this analyst thinks South Africans should look offshore for more value

Joining CNBC Africa for a global markets focus is Nick Pitro, Senior Consultant at Austen Morris Associates. Nick says South African investors should begin turning to offshore assets for a better shot at sustained wealth. This in spite of the US's bullish market, escalating trade war tensions and the possibility of Britain's EU exit.

Congo in discussions with IMF over possible support: PM

KINSHASA (Reuters) - A delegation from the International Monetary Fund is in Democratic Republic of Congo to discuss possible financial aid to counter high inflation and rapid currency depreciation, the prime minister...

Oil minister says Congo Republic oil output to reach 300,000 bpd in 2018 – oil minister

Moho Nord, the second project issued on the Moho Bilondo offshore licence, is due to begin producing oil in March or April next year

Congo state miner signed over royalties to Israeli billionaire

"It's troubling that the state miner Gecamines has signed away rights to potentially huge flows of cash."