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Oil market eyes Trump’s health status & rising COVID-19 cases

New restrictions to movement in some cities on the back of rising new COVID-19 cases as well as uncertainty around U.S President Donald Trump’s health are some updates the oil market will be paying close attention to. Kola Karim, Chairman of Shoreline Group joins CNBC Africa for more.

Brexit deal limits oil losses

The United Kingdom and the European Union have agreed on a new Brexit deal ahead of the EU Summit in Brussels. U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on the U.K parliament to approve the deal this Saturday. Meanwhile, news of the deal is limiting losses in oil prices. Uchenna Minnis, Chief Market Analyst at Eagle Global Markets joins CNBC Africa to unpack global oil market movements.

How the U.S-China trade war impacts oil markets

Brent crude futures are trading near seven-month lows as the trade tensions between the U.S and China continue to raise demand concerns in the already pressured oil markets. Olumide Ibikunle, Energy Analyst at Meristem Securities joins CNBC Africa for more.