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Coronavirus – Africa: A Human Rights Checklist

Human Rights Watch is committed to reporting on the human rights dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our research has identified 40 questions to guide a rights-respecting response to this crisis that addresses the needs of groups most at risk, including people living in poverty, ethnic and religious minorities, women, people with disabilities, older people, LGBT people, migrants, refugees, and children. We have also identified a l

COVID-19 Scientific and Public Health Policy Update – (March 24, 2020)

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In addition to our weekly brief on the spread of COVID-19 and the actions that Africa CDC is taking to help member states, Africa CDC has begun to share a weekly brief detailing the latest changes in scientific knowledge and public health policy changes, as well as updates to the latest guidance from WHO and others. Contents of this document are not intended to serve as recommendations from the Africa CDC; rather, it is a summary of the factbase to help inform member states. It i

New Cooperation Agreement among East, Horn of Africa States address Overseas Worker Exploitation

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
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The rescue last week of roughly 100 children and young Ugandan women here as they prepared to fly to United Arab Emirates to labour as domestic workers, rein

Meetings of Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu with Ambassadors of Montenegro, Gambia, Greece, Mongolia and Oman

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On 14 January 2020, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu met with newly appointed Ambassador Perisa Kastratoviç of Montenegro, Ambassador Landing Kinteh of Gambia and Michel-Christos Diamessis of Greece and wished them success during their terms in Turkey.

On the same day, Minister Çavu

Rwanda looks to deepen trade ties with Oman, hosts 10th Omani Products Trade show

For the first time, the 10th edition of the Omani Products Exhibition will take place in Rwanda between January 15th to 18th, with the aim of improving trade relations between the two countries. Over 80 exhibitors from Oman are expected to showcase from food and beverage, plastics, textiles, metals and minerals, construction and logistics. Ayman Al Hsani, Chairman of Opex Commitee joins CNBC Africa for more.