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Mount Kenya expedition raises awareness on climate change – Youth Ambassador explains

For years, climate change seemed a distant reality for many Kenyans until the glaciers atop Mt Kenya started receding. At the One Planet Summit CNBC Africa's Godfrey Mutizwa caught up with with Connect4Climate Youth Ambassador Dee Putsoa to discuss about the recently concluded Mount Kenya expedition to raise awareness on climate change impacts.

What we can do to protect planet earth – Global Environment Facility CEO

Africa is responsible for only 4 per cent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, however 65per cent of the African population is considered to be directly impacted by climate change. CNBC Africa spoke to Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson of Global Environment Facility during the One Planet Summit on the best way to protect the planet’s climate.

IFC’s Hans Peter Lankes talks on financing low-carbon infrastructure in Africa

The third edition of the one planet summit took place in Nairobi, engaging both the public and private players on how to curb global warming. But for this to be realized, financing is a necessity for low- carbon, resilient infrastructure and services for African Cities. CNBC Africa caught up with Hans Peter Lankes, Vice President of Economics and Private Sector Development, IFC for more on this.

Kenyan president pledges to fight climate change through tree planting

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged his country will cover more of its land with trees in a bid to fight climate change. Even though Africa makes a mere 4 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gasses it is estimated that 65 per cent of Africans will suffer from climate change. Kenyatta believes it’s time for action. President Kenyatta was speaking at the One Planet Summit in Nairobi.

Kenya gears up for global climate change summit

The World Bank Group together with the government of Kenya, France, and the United Nations are hosting the “One Planet Summit” which seeks to accelerate and focus attention on climate investments in line with the Paris Agreement objectives. The IFC has launched a report on the potential climate investments in cities for more CNBC Africa is joined by the IFC's Vice President of Economics and Private Sector Development- Hans Peter Lankes.

What to expect from the One Planet Summit

What to expect from the One Planet Summit