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Zimbabwe diaspora entrepreneurs see opportunity in Zim amid economic crisis

As Zimbabwe celebrates one year with-ought Robert Mugabe, and also faces one of its worst economic crisis; some Zimbabweans in diaspora are making plans, on how they can contribute to the development of the country. CNBC Africa’s Daniel Sango filed this report. http://cnbc.africa/videos/...

Op-Ed: Why Fintech is vital for SMEs in Francophone Africa

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in Francophone Africa, accounting for around 50% of jobs created.

Op-Ed: Rebooting the African Diaspora’s Role in Africa

It’s time for both the diaspora and Africans on the continent to rethink how we work together.

How to access long-term capital for infrastructure projects

How to access long-term capital for infrastructure projects

Is globalization the "bad guy" behind the woes of today's world?

Around the World Economic Forum, Davos, headlines screamed: globalization is bad, the world is divided, and trust in leaders is plummeting.