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Op-Ed: Supporting the ICT sector in Africa as a cure for the economic crisis

“We need to think, and fast, about how we can help our African partner in the race against time as it faces the predicted economic disaster in the wake of the global covid-19 pandemic,” writes Franc Bogovic and Engin Eroglu.

How to garner a large slice of Africa’s overcrowded telecoms market

It is not easy trying to garner a large slice of Africa’s overcrowded telecoms market but European company Orange is trying to do just that. Stéphane Richard, CEO and Chairman of Orange tells us how.

International Potato Center launches initiative to tackle Vitamin A deficiency in East Africa

About 48 per cent of children in the sub-Saharan Africa are deficient in Vitamin A and orange fleshed sweet potato contains high levels of Vitamin A. The BioInnovate Africa Project through the International Potato Center (CIP) has launched a $750 thousand project that will expand the value chain of Orange Fleshed Sweet potato across the region. Tawanda Muzhingi, Food Scientist and Nutritional Biochemist at the International Potato Center joins CNBC Africa for more.

Here’s why Orange sees Ethiopia’s telco liberalisation taking shape in 2020

Ethiopia is one of the last countries whose telecoms industry remains in the hands of the government. Orange is one of the leading contenders seeking to benefit from the end of state-controlled Ethio Telecom’s monopoly, pushed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Why Orange is embracing new technologies

Last year telecommunications company Orange and MTN launched Mowali, pan-African mobile money interoperability, to scale up mobile financial services across Africa. Elisabeth Medou Badang, spokesperson for Orange Middle-East and Africa joins CNBC Africa to speak on challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

Orange Cote d’Ivoire fire an ‘act of sabotage’

Orange Cote d'Ivoire fire an 'act of sabotage’

9mobile appoints Citi, Standard Bank to find new investors

9mobile appoints Citi, Standard Bank to find new investors

Egypt’s 4G wireless frequencies ready for use – minister

Egypt has prepared the wireless frequencies needed for telecommunications companies in the country to deliver 4G mobile broadband networks.