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Is the 2019/2020 Tariff Order helping Nigeria’s power market?

Is Nigeria’s 2019/2020 Tariff Order meeting set objectives? The CEO and Executive Vice-Chairman of Proton Energy, Oti Ikomi joins CNBC Africa to assess its impact and talk projections as the Nigeria’s power sector gears for possible commencement of implementation of a new tariff regime in April.

Will Nigeria find equitable tariff solution in light of tariff hike plea from House of Representative?

Nigeria’s Minister of Power says the government is working with all relevant stakeholders to establish an equitable tariff regime in the country. This comes as the House of Representative asked Nigeria’s electricity regulator to suspend its planned tariff hike in April. Oti Ikomi, CEO and Executive Vice-Chairman of Proton Energy joins CNBC Africa to discuss the dynamics around electricity pricing in Nigeria.