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Proton Energy CEO on Nigeria’s social contract & how to address electricity tariff challenges

The Nigeria labour has threatened to strike over tariff hikes one of which is the increment in electricity bills which kicked off on the first of this month. Since its commencement, various Nigerian regulatory arm has rolled out measures to monitor electricity distributors and also ring-fence their collections and remittances. Joining CNBC Africa’s Kenneth Igbomor for this conversation is Oti Ikomi, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of Proton Energy.

Buhari approves one year deferment of 35% on FBU electricity meters

As part of efforts to bridge its metering gap and get fair power supply pricing for users, Nigeria’s government has approved a one-year deferment of the 35 per cent Import Adjustment Tax imposed on fully built unit electricity meters. While the levy was initially imposed to encourage local production and protect investments in the local assembly of electricity meters, efforts are now more focused on ensuring more meters are rolled out. Executive Vice-Chairman and CEO of Proton Energy, Oti Ikomi joins CNBC Africa for more.

Nigeria’s new electricity tariff regime begins in July

The scheduled increment of electricity tariff in Nigeria will begin from July this year according to the Minister of Power, Sale Mamman who has also noted that the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted plans to reposition Nigeria’s electricity market. Oti Ikomi, CEO and Executive Vice-Chairman of Proton Energy joins CNBC Africa for more.

Proton Energy CEO on COVID-19 & its impact on Nigeria’s power sector reforms

In response to Covid-19 realities Nigeria’s electricity regulators shelved an initially planned April tariff hike by another three months. This comes as talks that the country plans to cap electricity tariff shortfalls this year to 380 billion naira and to move to full cost-reflective tariff in 2021. Oti Ikomi, CEO and Executive Vice-Chairman Proton Energy, joins CNBC Africa to discuss stakeholders’ responses and further sectorial impact.

Is the 2019/2020 Tariff Order helping Nigeria’s power market?

Is Nigeria’s 2019/2020 Tariff Order meeting set objectives? The CEO and Executive Vice-Chairman of Proton Energy, Oti Ikomi joins CNBC Africa to assess its impact and talk projections as the Nigeria’s power sector gears for possible commencement of implementation of a new tariff regime in April.

Will Nigeria find equitable tariff solution in light of tariff hike plea from House of Representative?

Nigeria’s Minister of Power says the government is working with all relevant stakeholders to establish an equitable tariff regime in the country. This comes as the House of Representative asked Nigeria’s electricity regulator to suspend its planned tariff hike in April. Oti Ikomi, CEO and Executive Vice-Chairman of Proton Energy joins CNBC Africa to discuss the dynamics around electricity pricing in Nigeria.