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New resource launched to provide agriculture expertise

CNBC Africa spoke with Dr. Ousmane Badiane, Founder and Executive President of AKADEMIYA2063 on the newly launched international non-profit organization that seeks to build a bridge between the science community and peer organizations around the world to harness the best available knowledge and evidence to advance the African agenda on food and agricultural sectors.

How digitisation could transform rural farming in Africa

Around 60 per cent of the African population is under the age of 24, at the same time, one in four Africans remains food insecure, the highest rate in the world. A policy Innovation for Transforming Africa’s Food System with Digital Technologies will be launched tomorrow at the Malabo Montpelier Forum that will take place here in Kigali, where participants will discuss the rising level of mobile technology adoption in Africa in recent years, as well as their current limitations and priorities for future action. Dr Ousmane Badiane, co-Chair of the Malabo Montpelier Panel joins CNBC Africa for more.