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Sub-Saharan Africa to suffer 23.1% decline in remittances in 2020 – World Bank

The coronavirus pandemic is leaving migrant workers unable to send money or goods home to families, cutting off a vital lifeline for communities already under siege from a barrage of external shocks.

An assessment of the impact of floods in South Sudan

Extreme flooding has devastated South Sudan, with the UN reporting that some one million people have been displaced, and Oxfam reporting that the floods have caused livestock and crops to be destroyed; and schools and health clinics to be closed. Analyst, Akol Dok joins CNBC Africa for more.

Oxfam report reveals billionaire fortunes grew by $2.5 billion a day last year while poorest saw their wealth fall, here’s why…

The report reveals that the number of billionaires has almost doubled since the financial crisis.

Karl Marx at 200: Does he still have lessons for Africa?

Marx was a revolutionary humanist, open to – and inspired by – the new passions and forces that spring up and open new avenues to a truly human society.

The rich are getting rich, this is by how much…

Chris Bishop argues that perhaps Davos needs to up the action rather than more words if it is to avoid more of that most dangerous kind of person - man with nothing to lose.  

Eight men own same wealth as half the world

The gap between rich and poor is far greater than had been feared.