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Suze Orman: Why you should start investing in your 20s

“The key to your financial freedom in the future is investing when you are young,” says Suze Orman, personal finance expert.

Are South African millennials going to land up broke?

Pieter Rossouw | Momentum Financial Wellness for the Afrilennial - the South African millennial - is a challenging prospect. It could be said that Afrilennials, who are the largest, fastest-growing sector of our population,...

Personal Finance: How to pick the right credit solution for your needs

Christoph Nieuwoudt | FNB Consumer Segment   The experience of South Africans varies greatly when it comes to credit. Regrettably statistics show that more than 9 million credit active consumers have some level of...

Is scary finance jargon keeping you from saving?

Boitumelo Mothoagae | Liberty Do you feel uncomfortable when you hear the terms, ‘investment portfolio’, ‘inflation’ and ‘insurance’? Are you filled with doubt and intimidation at the thought of signing a new investment...

The power of compound interest

Thanks to the power of compound interest, saving is the one part of your life where you cannot procrastinate. “Compound interest makes the most of time, exl addition of interest to the initial...

S.A: 12 Month guide to financial stability

It is essential to take control of one’s finances in 2017 to avoid falling into financial hardship.

Time to set financial goals for 2017

A change in financial behaviour goes a long way to beat the debt trap.

Drawn by High Yields, Fund Flows Will Return to Emerging Markets: Economist

The recent risk-off environment brought on by Europe's debt crisis may have affected fund flows into emerging markets bonds, but the tide will soon turn, says one economist, as investors put off by developed markets return in search of higher yields.