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Op-Ed: Malawi – Intransigent Mutharika raises the temperature

After Parliament approved some changes to electoral legislation in line with the Court’s directive that presidential elections should henceforth be won by absolute majority rather than relative majority, Mr Mutharika used his veto power on Tuesday, March 17, and refused to ratify Parliament’s changes.

Malawi court annuls President Mutharika’s 2019 election victory, here’s why

Malawi’s Constitutional Court on Monday annulled the May 2019 presidential vote that declared Peter Mutharika a winner and ordered a re-run after an application from opposition parties citing irregularities.

Malawi’s Mutharika appoints economist Mwanamvekha as finance minister in new cabinet

Malawian President Peter Mutharika has appointed minister of agriculture Joseph Mwanamvekha, an economist and former banker, as finance minister in his new cabinet.

Malawians head to the polls in key election

Malawians headed to polling stations today for presidential and legislative elections. Former law professor and current president Peter Mutharika, is trying to secure a second five-year term with contestations being with his deputy president and a former pastor who heads the opposition .CNBC Africa reporter Yolanda Mabanga filed this report.