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Nature conservation brought to light through award-winning film, Kifaru

In the wake of the death of Sudan, the world's last male Northern rhino the role and challenges faced by conservationists in what is turning out to not only be an important but frustrating job of protecting wildlife has been brought to light through film. Following the journey of two young rangers, Kifaru is a movie set out to shed more light on poaching and the need to protect Africa's wildlife. M.D of Ol Pejeta Rangers, Richard Vigne joins CNBC Africa for more.

Can technology help boost conservation efforts in Africa?

Africa has put in place various mechanisms to tackle poaching, habitat degradation, illegal resource extraction, among other challenges facing conservation. Ned Horning, Scientist and Director of Biodiversity and Informatics at the American Museum of Natural History believe that technology can hugely boost conservation efforts on the continent if leveraged.

97 elephants are killed every day – report

97 elephants are killed every day – report

African elephant population tumbles around 20 pct on poaching

Losses in some countries have been staggering. Tanzania saw a 60 percent decline in its elephant population.

Africa forest elephants may take almost a century to recover from poaching

Forest elephants are experiencing the greatest levels of poaching in Africa, with 10 to 18 percent of the population being killed per year.

Zimbabwe plans to use drones to fight elephant poaching

Tourism contributes 11 percent to Zimbabwe's $14 billion economy with the country's wildlife parks popular with overseas visitors.