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Tanzania’s President urges country’s women to “set ovaries free” and bear more children, here’s why

President John Magufuli urged Tanzania’s women to “set your ovaries free” and bear more children as a way to help...

Effort to end female genital mutilation in Somalia

Despite efforts to curb Female Genital Mutilation; in 2018 the United Nations Population Fund warned that each year the number of women predicted to undergo the practice could rise to 4.6 million by 2030, an increase driven by population growth in communities that carry out the practice; for more CNBC Africa spoke with Dr. Amina Jama, Founder, Women in Global Health Somalia.

How we can tackle poverty in Africa

According to the One Campaign, a third of young Africans between the ages of 15 and 35 are unemployed, another third are vulnerably employed and only one in six has a steady paying job. Furthermore the World Bank says the percentage of Africa's poor is falling, however, because of the continent's population growth figures, the number of poor people on the continent is on the rise. Edwin Ikhouria, Policy Manager, Transparency, and Accountability at the One Campaign joins CNBC Africa to discuss how we can tackle poverty in Africa.

Op-Ed: Why African families are larger than those of other continents

Gilles Pison | Sorbonne Universités In Africa women have 4.5 children on average, while in Asia the figure is 2.1 children, in Latin America 2.0, in North America 1.9 and in Europe 1.6. On average...