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Gabon president Bongo sworn in after disputed poll

Bongo's victory by less than 6,000 votes has drawn unwelcome scrutiny on the president, whose family has ruled the oil-producing state in Central Africa for 49 years.

Gabon constitutional court starts hearing on disputed election

The court's nine judges are expected to rule by Friday on Ping's complaint and could announce a recount or final results.

Gabon's President Bongo re-elected, parliament set on fire

Opposition members of the Central African oil producer's electoral commission rejected Saturday's first-past-the-post election result, which would see the Bongo family's nearly half-century in power extended another seven years.

Tight security, food stockpiling as Gabon braces for Bongo dynasty fate

Election results: "There will be trouble and Ali will tackle the problem with his men ... We're afraid of the spillover," said Jadi Mabende.

Gabon opposition candidate calls on President Bongo to "acknowledge his defeat"

Gabon opposition candidate Jean Ping called on President Ali Bongo to "acknowledge his defeat" in Saturday's presidential election.

Gabon opposition candidate says he's winning presidential vote

Gabon's opposition candidate, Jean Ping, is confident in winning the country's elections ahead of President Ali Bongo.