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Congo agrees to deal for Kabila to step down

The deal will see President Joseph Kabila leave office by the end of 2017, according to opposition parties.

Congo steps closer to deal for Kabila to leave office

The ground-breaking in principal deal follows the arrest of dozens of anti-Kabila protestors and the killing of at least 34

At least 34 killed in anti-Kabila protests

Violent demonstrations in Kinshasa and other cities have intensified this week following President Joseph Kabila's refusal to step down

Germany puts aid talks with Congo on hold

Europe's largest economy temporarily restricts scope for aid and warns of right to take further action

Unofficial death toll in Congo protests rises to 26

New York-based Human Rights Watch counts at least 26 anti-Kabila protestes killed while sporadic gunshots continue to echo across Kinshasa

Europe to re-examine ties with Congo

Worsening situation in Democratic Republic of Congo prompt European powers to re-examine economic ties

Police fire rubber bullets at anti-Kabila protestors in SA

Police in SA fired rubber bullets on Tuesday at scores of protesters outside the DRC embassy in Pretoria

Kabila's political future still uncertain on final day in office

It's President Joseph Kabila end of term today and still no word on fresh elections in the Congo to replace him.