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Op-Ed: Decoding lessons from Robben Island for Africa’s emerging leaders

A new world has emerged with different dynamics and new struggles. Our modern world dictates a new path and a specific kind of leadership.

Zambia opposition leader moved to maximum security prison

Hakainde Hichilema has been moved from a prison in Lusaka to a maximum security facility outside the capital.

Op-Ed: It’s cold outside Zuma’s ANC. But there’s little warmth left inside

In the liberation struggle against apartheid a small number of white people joined the battle to overthrow the South African regime. One of them, academic Raymond Suttner, was first arrested in 1975...

Congo opposition leader sentenced to five years in prison

Kapiamba told Reuters that Diongo was not able to defend himself because of failing health and called the decision totally political.

Journalist dies after hunger strike in Algiers

Tamalt, who was based in London, was arrested in Algeria in June for posts he had shared on Facebook that were seen as critical.

UK says Nigerian's conviction stands despite bribery evidence

Ibori, who as governor of oil-producing Delta State from 1999 to 2007 was one of Nigeria's most powerful men, is serving a 13-year sentence.