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How Rwanda is empowering its small coffee producers, reducing reliance on international coffee markets

At the top of the year it was announced by National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) that the farm gate price of coffee dropped from last year to this season, leaving local coffee farmers and producers no choice but to adapt to the international market prices. This development only adds to other challenges being faced by the industry and today. To see how they suggest these setbacks can be overcome but the small and medium players in the sector, country Manager of Challenges Group, Neil Walker joins CNBC Africa for more.

OPEC heads towards supply cut extension as Saudi signals most on board

OPEC and other oil producers are on course to agree an extension of supply cuts.

Oil could collapse into the $30s if OPEC doesn’t keep its act together

When they meet in Kuwait Sunday, a handful of OPEC and other oil producers are expected to put a happy face on their production agreement, and they should point to the potential...