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Do these 4 things in your 30s if you want to be richer in your 40s, money experts say

You may find yourself juggling a lot financially in your 30s, like purchasing a home, switching jobs, and even having children. Here are four money moves you can make in your 30s that experts say can leave you wealthier in your 40s.

Global real estate market an esteemed alternative for SA investors

The local real estate market has had a bleak outlook on the back of the strained South African economic backdrop. But the solution for investors may lie in the Global real estate market which has outperformed South African equities, bonds and listed property. Investors can get the opportunity to be exposed to developed market economies with healthy growth compared to the dismal results in the South African property sector. Fairtree Property Portfolio Managers Rob Hart and Ryan Cloete join CNBC Africa for more.

Should you sell your investment property?

Praven Subbramoney | Private Bank Lending at FNB A decision to sell a long term asset such as a property can sometimes be a challenging decision for an investor, more so for a novice...

Why taking out debt for a bond deposit is risky

Lee Mhlongo| FNB  First time home buyers often get caught by surprise when banks ask for a deposit in order to secure a home loan. “When applying for a home loan, banks will access...

Tax implications you need to know when investing in property

Tax implications you need to know when investing in property

New law will stop abuse of South African home owners who default

Reghard Brits | University of Pretoria There are few things as devastating as losing your home because you cannot pay your debt. But if this cannot be avoided, you’d certainly prefer that your property...

Smart property opportunities for the informed investor

By: Pam Golding It is relatively straightforward to make a good property investment when the economy and housing market are booming. As the old saying goes - a rising tide lifts all boats....

Building wealth through multiple properties

Praven Subbramoney | FNB Many individuals who already own more than one property mistakenly overlook key principles of wealth creation that could potentially unlock their ability to grow their property portfolios. Praven Subbramoney, CEO...