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Rwanda warns traders against coronavirus price gouging

Authorities from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Private Sector Federation of Rwanda have warned traders against hiking prices. They were also requested not to use substandard materials amid coronavirus outbreak. Theoneste Ntagengerwa, Spokesperson of Private Sector Federation joins CNBC Africa for more.

How Rwanda’s youth is reaping the benefits from agriculture

For Rwanda to develop into a higher middle income economy as set out in the Vision 2050, the country needs a robust private sector with the young entrepreneurs at the forefront. As they seek out what they believe to be profitable and business-focused careers, CNBC Africa spoke to some of the young people in the agriculture sector....

How Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation is preparing for CHOGM 2020

Ahead of the Commonwealth meeting that is set to take place from 22-24 June this year in Kigali, CNBC Africa’s Zwena Bachoo spoke to Robert Bapfakurera, Chairman of the Private Sector Federation to find out why this meeting is so important for the sector.

Rwanda, Sweden to sign MoU to strengthen partnerships on sustainable development

Last night during a visit to Kigali by a delegation of nine Swedish companies hosted by the Sweden-Sub Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce or SSACC, a MoU was signed between the organization and Private Sector Federation (PSF) of Rwanda to create, facilitate and support business collaborations and opportunities between the countries with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For more on this agreement, President of SSACC, Asa Jarskog joins CNBC Africa.

How Rwanda plans to benefit from the inaugural Golden Business Forum

Tomorrow will see the inauguration of the Golden Business Forum (GBF) in Kigali, Rwanda. The event is designed to be an annual high-level business platform bringing together investors from around the world to identify and facilitate partnership deals and discuss the challenges that are hampering business opportunities in Africa. The hosts, Private Sector Federation (PSF) of Rwanda, are prepared to receive hundreds of international investors from across the continent, Europe, China and the US. CEO and Spokesperson of PSF, Theoneste Ntagengerwa joins CBNC Africa for more.

Rwanda, Luxembourg to strengthen trade ties & increase investments

Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Kigali and Rwanda development Board have come together and organised the first “Rwanda - Luxembourg Business forum”, which attracted close to about 100 attendees from the private and public sector of both countries. The forum is meant to showcase investment and business opportunities in both countries they can partner in. CNBC Africa’s Zwena Bachoo filed this report.