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Buhari stops Nigeria’s Central Bank from issuing foreign exchange for food imports

These are trying times for Nigeria's economy, as an expected recession means the government has to take pro-active steps to mitigate the impact of the recession and recover in the shortest period.

COVID-19: How the pandemic is redefining the future of work

The United Nations says more than one in six young people are out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Olusola Adewole, Partner and Head of People and Organisation Advisory at PwC Nigeria joins CNBC Africa to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the future of work as the world marks the World Youth Skills Day.

How these global top 100 companies remain winners during the COVID-19 pandemic

The global top 100 companies have continued to outperform industry peers even amid the market volatility caused by Covid-19. Microsoft, Apple Netflix and Tesla are amongst those who have seen increased market capitalisation during Covid-19, joining CNBC Africa for more is Alice Tomdio, Director of Capital Markets at PwC Nigeria.

How to change the narrative on tax evasion in Nigeria

A survey by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group shows low tax morale among Nigerians as over 80 per cent of individuals and nearly 70 per cent of businesses believe that tax evasion is either not wrong at all, or that it is wrong but understandable. Only a few believe that tax evasion is wrong and punishable. Taiwo Oyedele, Partner and West Africa Tax Leader at PwC Nigeria joins CNBC Africa for more.

COVID-19: What are Nigeria’s revenue options?

Nigeria’s economy faces a double threat from the coronavirus pandemic and lower oil prices. With almost 3000 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Nigeria, Taiwo Oyedele, Partner and West Africa Tax Leader at PwC Nigeria joins CNBC Africa to explore how Nigeria can cope with the strain on the revenue targets.

COVID-19 & low oil prices dent Nigeria’s public finances

Nigeria’s Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council has put the implementation of the National Action Plan 5.0 on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taiwo Oyedele, Partner and West Africa Tax Leader at PwC Nigeria joins CNBC Africa to discuss the implication of this and explore Nigeria’s revenue options in the face of dwindling oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic.

PwC Nigeria: How the COVID-19 lockdown extension, OPEC production cut impacts Nigeria

As Nigeria extends the lockdown for another 14 days, OPEC and Allies agreed to cut oil production by 9.7 million barrels from the first of May, through to the end of June.

Dipping oil prices putting Naira under pressure, how badly is this affecting Nigerian economy?

A spike in parallel market rates in the past few days has seen the Nigerian Naira come under pressure in recent days, but the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) maintains that market fundamentals do not support devaluation at this time. The CBN says it is investigating to clamp down on people involved in speculative market behaviour. As Nigerians also await communication from the committee set up to assess and respond to the impact of the coronavirus on the 2020 budget and Nigerian economy, Andrew Nevin, Partner and Chief Economist at PwC Nigeria and Aminu Gwadabe, President of the Association of Bureau De Change Operators of Nigeria joins CNBC Africa to assess how recent developments impacts Nigeria's economy.