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Stonebwoy lends his voice in the fight against COVID-19 & racism

This week the world was united in the fight against two pandemics – the coronavirus and racism. The latter was triggered by the recent death of George Floyd, the latest victim of police brutality in the US, which triggered mass protests against discrimination. One of the individuals that took a stand against both pandemics is internationally acclaimed Ghanian musician Stonebwoy. He put on a show, from his home, to shine the light on Covid-19 and racism, raising money to support homeless youth in Ghana.

COVID-19: Is China discriminating against Africans?

The African Union says it is deeply concerned about the alleged discrimination of Africans in China. This follows reports and videos of Africans being kicked out of hotels, being blocked from restaurants and being forced into self-quarantine following a second wave of the coronavirus in the country. So what is China doing about this? Lin Nan, Charge d’affaires of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China spoke to CNBC Africa for more.

Op-Ed: Decolonising research methodology must include undoing its dirty history

Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni | University of South Africa   Maori anthropologist Linda Tuhiwai Smith, in her seminal work Decolonising Methodologies, argues that Re-search is a dirty word. Hyphenating “research” into “re-search” is very useful because it reveals what...

Manyi fires back at Sygnia CEO’s defamation lawsuit

Manyi fires back at Sygnia CEO's defamation lawsuit

South Africa’s Zuma accuses protesters of racism after marches

South African President Jacob Zuma on Monday accused some protesters of racism after marches last week that drew tens of thousands of people demanding his resignation, while the opposition announced plans for a new protest.

OPINION: Sorry, uncovering America’s racist underbelly wasn’t why Trump won

The first incorrect reason many of us began hearing well before Election Day was that Trump was being bolstered.

First known TV interview with Nelson Mandela comes to light

Previously, the first television interview with Mandela was thought to have been conducted in May, 1961, when he was in hiding.