Tag: Rains

Aid groups seek to turn on funding tap to douse drought crises

The humanitarian world is still struggling to find a timely way to tackle "slow-onset" crises like droughts.

South Africa could face another El Nino drought soon

Drought conditions associated with an El Nino weather pattern are likely to reoccur in a few months time, the South African government said on Thursday. "Recurrence of El Niño drought conditions likely ......

Zimbabwe seeks foreign help for flood victims

Minister for local government Saviour Kasukuwere said floods had swept through villages in the southern and southwestern parts of Zimbabwe.

Cold weather curbs armyworm outbreak in South Africa

Neighbouring countries, such as Zambia and Zimbabwe, who do not grow GMO crops, are suffering larger losses.

S.Africa economy poised for growth, stable repo rate in 2017

A median of 27 economists in a poll taken over the past week suggested growth in South Africa would accelerate.