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NAICOM says companies must meet recapitalisation deadline, What is the probable impact thereof?

Nigeria's insurance regulator, National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) says its companies must submit their recapitalisation plans before the 20th of August this month. To discuss the expected impact of the recapitalisation exercise, Tajudeen Ibrahim, Vice President and Head of Research at Chapel Hill Denham joins CNBC Africa for more.

Analysing Ghana’s banking sector recapitalisation bid

Ghana Amalgamated Trust says it will recapitalise five banks in the country with the sum of two billion cedis by March this year. Ola Warikoru, West African Bank Analyst at Stanbic IBTC joins CNBC Africa to discuss the impact of recapitalisation and stories around Ghana’s banking sector.

Nigeria’s power sector system collapse imminent

Nigeria’s power sector system collapse imminent