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Blair on Zimbabwe and Mugabe: the former British Prime minister is far from bitter and ready to meet Mnangagwa.

“Regime change, Mr Blair? Who are you? Who are you to talk of regime change in Zimbabwe? One of us, by what connection sir, do you hear me? Ancestral connection? And who were these ancestors, can we know? No, Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans. And only Zimbabweans can determine who shall rule them and who shall not. Whether there is a situation here of political order, of lawlessness, violation of the rule of law, violation of human rights, lack of democracy, our neighbours would know that better than the British government

South Sudan’s oil sector reforms to improve trade, empower local communities

Recently, it was announced that South Sudan was preparing to host its first oil and gas bidding round in March, the news comes with new reforms being introduced by the country's Minister of Petroleum to develop the local oil industry. Executive Secretary from the Office of the Minister of Petroleum, Akol Nyok Akol joins CNBC Africa for more.

How Rwanda’s young web developers are driving the country’s ICT growth

In 2001 Rwanda set out on what seemed like an ambitious ICT roadmap journey, a few years later the country has been hailed for the reforms and at the forefront of this has been an army of young ICT enthusiasts. CEO of Awesomity Lab, Lionel Mpfizi joins CNBC Africa for more.

Nigeria’s efforts to improve ease of doing business

Nigeria’s efforts to improve ease of doing business

Op-Ed: Why South African shouldn’t turn to the IMF for help

Misheck Mutize | University of Cape Town The view that South Africa should look towards the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to be rescued from the unfolding economic meltdown seems to be growing by the day....

IMF team in Cairo to review second instalment of $12-billion loan

Amina Ismail | CAIRO An International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation will arrive in Cairo on Sunday to review Egypt's progress on economic reforms before it disburses the second instalment of a $12-billion loan...

IMF says bond note cannot solve Zimbabwe’s economic problems

Zimbabwe's "bond note" surrogate currency will not solve its economic problems, the International Monetary Fund said, adding that only comprehensive reforms would address a fiscal crisis.

Nigeria needs reforms to hedge against future FX crisis – World Bank Africa economist

Nigeria needs to reform its finance to ensure it can hedge against any future currency crisis, the World Bank chief economist for Africa said on Wednesday.