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Nigeria hopes gold mining reforms can bring in $500 million a year

ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigeria hopes changes it has made to gold mining regulation will earn the government $500 million a year in royalties and taxes and create 250,000 jobs, President...

Our top share picks for the brave investor: Finding opportunities in times of adversity

“In times of extreme market volatility (and corrections), it is often unnecessary for investors to look far down the quality curve to find attractive opportunities that will generate significant returns in future. This is oftentimes the correct strategy as those economic uncertainties causing market volatility can have far more dire consequences for lower-quality businesses,” writes Stephán Engelbrecht, Fund Management.

Here is why governments are pushing for regulation of Bitcoin – Expert

Here is why governments are pushing for regulation of Bitcoin – Expert

Op-Ed: Radical economic transformation hobbled by intrusive & excessive regulation in insurance industry

South Africa's insurance industry is an oligopoly - a market structure similar to a monopoly. Read on to see how it differs.

Economic challenges facing Kenya’s next ruling party

Economic challenges facing Kenya's next ruling party

South Africa’s mines minister defends new mining charter

South Africa mine's minister on Sunday defended new regulations seeking to accelerate black ownership.