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Plain packaging rules in Georgia violate the rule of law

Any regulation should adhere to the precepts of the rule of law absolutely

South Africa's MTN swings into first annual loss in 20 years

MTN agreed to pay a fine of 330 billion naira ($1.1 billion), reduced from $5.2 billion, in June last year after a prolonged legal battle.

Op-Ed: Blockchain – Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Blockchain technology has the potential to change fundamental ideas and concepts currently entrenched within the financial services industry

Uber puts brakes on self-driving cars in San Francisco

A regulatory crackdown caused the company to halt the autonomous program one week after its launch

Did data must fall lobby misrepresent the facts?

Consumers want faster data at lower prices, yesterday. The #DataMustFall movement is agitating for lower mobile and fixed-line data prices.

Hedge Fund Myths Busted

Are hedge funds really risky investments, or is that one of the many myths around them?

MTN says it complied with funds transfer rules in Nigeria

Nigeria's upper house of parliament last month agreed to investigate whether Africa's biggest telecoms company.