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Assessing the economic & political impact of Ethiopia’s GERD dam

Last week Sudan sent a letter to the UN Security Council asking them to discourage Ethiopia from filling their Renaissance Dam reservoir before coming to an agreement with the country and Egypt. This letter comes after the back and forth between Ethiopia and Egypt on the way forward for this almost $5 billion project. So how much are these disagreements costing? And what could the bill rack up to if it’s not sorted out soon? CNBC Africa spoke to Political Economic Analyst, Mikael Arage for more.

Ethiopia asks SA to mediate talks over Nile Dam debacle with Egypt

Egypt is blaming Ethiopia for the failure to come to an agreement in the latest sit down between the two countries in what has turned out to be a controversial Renaissance dam. Global Chairman of, Fairfax Africa Fund, Zemedeneh Negatu joins CNBC Africa on the latest stand-off between the two countries.